This page is intended to support developers in their software, firmware & hardware design endeavors. Individuals may download any of the following FREE utilities. Program installations should be relatively straight forward.

WINDOWS NT4 / 2000 / XP Downloads

This stand alone GUI allows a user to automatically log on to any Windows NT/2000 system. It also has a few additional features like automatic RAS logon, keep RAS connection & CDROM Autoplay. Please read the supplied notes regarding important password security issues



This spiffy GUI displays detailed PCI statistics of all devices in a Windows NT/2000/XP Pro X86 based system. A few features include GUI hex dump for each device, standard vendor, device, & class descriptions, multi-function device breakdown, general class descriptions for prototyping, easy device autoscroll buttons, subvendor & subsystem information and buttons to generate and save detailed reports of local PCI 3.0 devices.

AltiPCI utilizes information maintained by the Craig's PCI Pages page. You can freely download the most recent version of "pcidevs.txt", which is a comprehensive PCI vendor/device database. The site also allows additions and updates to be made frequently. Though a text version of pcidevs.txt is included with AltiPCI, please support the database by adding or correcting Submissions. Several computer programs already utilize this format.

Also included is pciclass.h (source) which contains a database of PCI V3.0 class codes.


Altitech assumes no warranty or liability for any damage, use or misuse of this software and does not authorize any profit or non-profit organization to sell this software, either by itself or with any other product without an agreement with Altitech. This release is for personal use only. It is intended for informational purposes or as a debugging tool only! Copyright (C) 1997-2004 Altitech.